Like every other working person, you dream about retirement and finally getting to “relax” and enjoy life. Retirement planning will help ensure you have the funds to really retire and not work a part time job in order to afford a big fishing trip or to travel and see grandchildren. Oswald Insurance Group can assist with 401(k) rollovers as well as find safe money options for your retirement funds.

Every individual’s situation is different, but a few products we like to recommend are:

Fixed Annuities: An annuity functions similar to a CD you might get from a bank except that it is guaranteed by an insurance company instead of the FDIC. Fixed annuities guarantee a certain interest rate on the amount of money you invest.  A great benefit of annuities is that you may be able to make tax-deferred withdrawals depending on your situation.

Indexed Annuities: Indexed annuities function exactly like fixed annuities except that it allows for market-like gains while still guaranteeing the principal amount, instead of a simple fixed interest rate.

401(k) rollovers and safe money options